About Me




Thank you for visiting my site! My name is John, and I set up this website to provide information about local flights in my area. I am a businessman and take a lot of flights due to my job. As a result, I have become very familiar with the ins and outs of flying both within the country and internationally as well. One thing that I have become aware of through my years of flying is the convenience and ease of taking local flights. Oftentimes, many people will catch a train or a bus or even drive to the nearest big airport hub. However, the time one spends in transit to these major airports could easily be spent at the destination. Additionally, even more time is spent in long check in and security lines. All of the waiting and time can easily be circumnavigated by taking local flights. Trust me, it’s a veteran’s secret. Anyway, I’ve made this website because I think it is the best way to disseminate information dealing with traveling and taking local flights. Through this online format, readers can instantly comment or share, allowing more internet users to access the same kinds of information.

If you have any questions about anything on this website, or if you want to share your insider tips about local flights, please do not hesitate to contact me. I strive to keep my website updated as much as I can, even though sometimes I am very busy traveling for work. Thank you again for visiting this site. Cheers!