New Amenities in Your Local Airport


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Within the past few years, major airports have upgraded their amenities  to keep up with the times. You will be glad to know that many local airports have taken the same steps in modernizing the flight and airport experience. This post discusses some of the new amenities that your local airport might offer.


Most of the amenities offered have to deal with technological advantages that have been made over the past few years. Some of these advances have been building off of old ones, but some are also completely new.


One of the biggest and perhaps most convenient amenities that your local airport will probably offer is wi-fi. In the age of smartphones, it is important to stay connected at all times to be updated for anything that comes up. There are several ways that   wi-fi may be is offered in your local airport. Sometimes, they will have the wi-fi broadcasted over the whole airport. This is the best option. However, sometimes, local airports will require an access code that you may purchase. Others may be free. You can usually find this out ahead of time at your local airport’s website.


Smartphone check-in

This is an option at many major airport hubs, but now it is becoming standard in most local airports. All you need to do is download your ticket onto your smart phone and show it to the check in desk. This will also allow you to get smoothly through security without extra items impeding your travel.