Local Flights are the Future

wow air


Sometimes, a major deterrent for those looking to buy a flight is the price. After all, if one does not have any time stipulations for arriving at their destination, it is usually cheaper to drive, especially now that gas is the cheapest it has been in a very long time. However, this deterrent is slowly disappearing, and flying is on the rise. Subsequently, the ease and convenience of flying out of one’s local airport is also on the rise.



It was not long ago that buying a plane ticket was an expensive venture. While flying can still be expensive, affordable options have made themselves visible on the horizon. For example, there has been an influx of new low budget airlines that slash the amenities of flying in exchange for extremely low prices. For example, WOW air, which is based out of Iceland, offers transatlantic flights from the United States to Europe for unprecedented prices. What is more, there are other low budget airlines that are planning on doing the same for an even lower price. Low budget airlines also exist domestically. For example, Frontier and Spirit offer very cheap flights to many destinations in the United States. Since low-cost flights are becoming popular and available, many customers have been making the decision to fly locally in order to avoid the hassle of ground transportation to a major airport hub. In this way, local flights are becoming much more popular. This growth has been projected to show that local flights will become a staple in the airline world in the near future.