Insuring Your Local Flight

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If you’ve purchased a local flight, chances are you have definitely taken into account the fact that things can change at any time. You have probably also wondered if you should pay the extra money to have your local flight insured. If you are still skeptical, be skeptical no more. Insuring your local flight is definitely a must. The below points are some things to think about that will encourage you to make sure you purchase some type of insurance for your local flight.


Why should you insure your local flight?

Inclement weather

If you live in an area where the weather is particularly unpredictable, it might be a good idea to make sure that you purchase insurance for your local flight. This can be especially pertinent in the winter months, where snow and ice can occur at any time. If the weather does happen to be nasty and your flight is cancelled or delayed, bumping off your connections or your destination arrival time, it is important to make sure that you are covered.

Unexpected events

You can’t predict the future. Sometimes, things come up in life that are completely unforeseen. Whether it be a car accident or maybe some sickness that prevents you to travel, you may find yourself completely unprepared with a local flight booked. You want to make sure that you can cancel or get another flight in those kinds of situations. Making sure that your flight is properly insured can guarantee financial recompense and reimbursement in case something happens to prevent you from making your local flight.



Timeline for Booking Your Local Flight

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Booking flights can often be a very stressful experience. Between the online pop  up ads, the blackout dates, and the discrepancies in prices can amount to a mass confusion in the booking process. When booking local flights, there can be similar experiences if you are not prepared. However, this post is aimed to help you find the least expensive and most accurate flight to best suit your needs.

The booking process

To start, you need to know the best time to book a flight to get the lowest cost. This happens to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays about six weeks before your flight. Within this timeframe, as the date gets closer to your flight from your local airport, the price will most likely go up. If you try to book your flight before the six week time frame, you will probably not save money.

Connecting flights

When flying to a far away destination, your best bet when departing from a local airport is to fly into a major airport hub. These often have the lowest costs for flights to your final destination. When looking at large hubs, it is important to see what airlines fly into those hubs. Sometimes low-fare airlines will fly into a certain hub, but it will be farther away or potentially out of the way from the path from your local airport to your final destination. This can potentially raise the price of your flights, resulting in less money saved. Consequently, it is in your best interest to pick a major airport hub that is closest to where you live.

New Amenities in Your Local Airport


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Within the past few years, major airports have upgraded their amenities  to keep up with the times. You will be glad to know that many local airports have taken the same steps in modernizing the flight and airport experience. This post discusses some of the new amenities that your local airport might offer.


Most of the amenities offered have to deal with technological advantages that have been made over the past few years. Some of these advances have been building off of old ones, but some are also completely new.


One of the biggest and perhaps most convenient amenities that your local airport will probably offer is wi-fi. In the age of smartphones, it is important to stay connected at all times to be updated for anything that comes up. There are several ways that   wi-fi may be is offered in your local airport. Sometimes, they will have the wi-fi broadcasted over the whole airport. This is the best option. However, sometimes, local airports will require an access code that you may purchase. Others may be free. You can usually find this out ahead of time at your local airport’s website.


Smartphone check-in

This is an option at many major airport hubs, but now it is becoming standard in most local airports. All you need to do is download your ticket onto your smart phone and show it to the check in desk. This will also allow you to get smoothly through security without extra items impeding your travel.


New Local Flights in Your Area

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If you have been looking for local flights to your destination or to a major airport hub in the past, you may have been frustrated because of the lack of flights leaving from your local airport. However, the wait will soon be over. Several things are happening in the airline industry that will result in more flights being available at your local airport. This means that you will be able to save time and hassle when traveling to your destination.

Changes in the airline industry

While the airline industry has made several technological advances in the past years, there have been few infrastructure changes made to lower the prices and increase the availability of flights in the local airport market. However, more infrastructure changes are now being made that are making these flights cheaper and more frequent.

Emergence of low-cost airlines

One of the factors that is increasing the amounts of local flights is the emergence of airlines that offer low-cost flights to customers. The idea of these airlines is to slash all of the amenities offered on a flight to save money. They also oftentimes have stricter baggage policies that allow for the airplane to carry less luggage and require less fuel.

Alternative energy technology

Also, the alternative energy technology sector is booming. While these methods cannot fully power an airplane, some of this alternative energy can help supplement fuel, resulting in cheaper flights. This also allows companies to contract more aircraft for flights, resulting in more flights coming to your local airport.


Security Tips for Your Local Airport


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As we all know, one of the most harrowing aspects of getting to your flight on time is making sure you gauge the right amount of time to get through security. This article tackles some of the ins and outs of local airport security. This should help you get from your check in to your terminal in little time with the least amount of stress possible.

Checking in

The key to mastering the security portion of the airport process actually lies in the step beforehand–the check in. Make sure that your largest suitcases get checked before you go through the security. Otherwise, it will take longer for the security to check your bag and will end up delaying you in your transit to the terminal from where your flight will be leaving. Additionally, it is important to take any questionable items out of your carry on and into your checked bag. That way, they will not arouse any suspicion from the people who are working at the security checkpoint. Also, if you have any oddly shaped items, make sure that you check them as well. Sometimes oddly shaped items will have a difficult time fitting through the scanner and will need to be inspected personally. This will also take more time.

At the security checkpoint

When you get to the security checkpoint, you will need to remove your belt and shoes and wallet. This can be a timely and uncomfortable process if you are not prepared. So, the best thing to do is to not wear a belt and wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off.


Getting to Your Local Airport



If you have decided to fly out of your local airport, one of the things that you might be wondering is the best way to get there. There are several options to choose from in regard to transportation to your local airport. This post is made to list some of these options.

Driving yourself

This may seem like the most obvious option, but while it may be the most convenient on the front end, there are several things that you need to take into consideration. For example, sometimes local airports will charge a daily or hourly parking fee for those who choose to leave their cars at the airport. Sometimes these fees are very small and manageable, but sometimes they can be expensive. It is also important to know how long you will be gone. For example, if you leave for a week, then those fees could pile up, making for a very expensive stay at your local airport.

Taking a cab

One vey efficient way to get yourself to a local airport is to take a taxi. There are several services that you can choose from if you decide to have someone else drive you. Aside from other mainstream taxi services, there are also some apps on your phone that might be able to help you save some money. For example, Uber and Lyft are new companies that have recently emerged, allowing for everyday people to turn their car into a taxi. Sometimes this option is very affordable depending on the time and distance of your trip.


Local Flights are the Future

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Sometimes, a major deterrent for those looking to buy a flight is the price. After all, if one does not have any time stipulations for arriving at their destination, it is usually cheaper to drive, especially now that gas is the cheapest it has been in a very long time. However, this deterrent is slowly disappearing, and flying is on the rise. Subsequently, the ease and convenience of flying out of one’s local airport is also on the rise.



It was not long ago that buying a plane ticket was an expensive venture. While flying can still be expensive, affordable options have made themselves visible on the horizon. For example, there has been an influx of new low budget airlines that slash the amenities of flying in exchange for extremely low prices. For example, WOW air, which is based out of Iceland, offers transatlantic flights from the United States to Europe for unprecedented prices. What is more, there are other low budget airlines that are planning on doing the same for an even lower price. Low budget airlines also exist domestically. For example, Frontier and Spirit offer very cheap flights to many destinations in the United States. Since low-cost flights are becoming popular and available, many customers have been making the decision to fly locally in order to avoid the hassle of ground transportation to a major airport hub. In this way, local flights are becoming much more popular. This growth has been projected to show that local flights will become a staple in the airline world in the near future.

Searching for Local Flights



Oftentimes, customers who have decided to fly out of a local airport instead of traveling to a major airport hub first have some trouble finding local flights that will take them to a specific major connecting airport or even to their destination. However, finding local flights to where you need to go is easier than you might think it is.


Although it seems like sometimes customers have a hard time finding the flights they want, they are simply looking in the wrong place. For example, using major companies that aggregate and book flights can often yield incomplete or missing results. Additionally, customers who book through a travel agent can sometimes miss out on the deals for local flights. The two main ways to look are to book through the actual airline website and by contacting the airport itself.


When booking through an airline website, the most important thing to do is to look at a rout map and see where that airline services. In that way, you can figure out if a certain airliner will fly out of your local airport. If you cannot find any major airliners flying out of your local airport, you may have to look to see what the smaller companies are.


The best way to approach this method is to make sure that you are calling the airport directly and not any travel agents based out of the airport. This will ensure that you will get the most accurate and unbiased information to get the best deal.

Packing for Your Local Flight

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So you have decided to fly out of a local airport to reach your destination! How exciting! Now that you have taken this first step, here are some great tips and tricks to making sure you maximize your packing and money saving at the same time.


Undoubtedly, if you are connecting your local flight at a major airport hub for a destination that is very far away, you will be checking your bag. The most important thing to do if you are checking your luggage is to pick luggage that is very unique looking and distinguishable. Already have luggage and don’t want to buy more? No problem! One thing that you can do is to take a small piece of colored tape or ribbon and tie it around the handle of your suitcase or bags. In this manner, you will be able to find your baggage easily at the baggage claim among the host of other bags. Also, using tape or a ribbon will make your bags easy to spot for the airplane luggage loaders.


Oftentimes, if you are flying from a local airport, the aircraft will be somewhat smaller than if it were flying out of a major airport hub. As a result, you need to make sure that your carry ons comply with the restrictions set forth by the airline. Otherwise, you may run the risk of your delicate carry ons being checked, which could subsequently incur extra costs. You can usually find the carry on restrictions on the airliner’s website online.

International Flights from Your Hometown



Traveling internationally is very exciting. Whether you are going to Europe, Asia, or somewhere else, there are many new sights that you will be able to see (Don’t forget to bring your camera!). Many people will inevitably fly out of a large airport hub, such as Los Angeles (LAX) or Chicago (ORD). While you will probably end up at one of these airports, it can be a hassle getting there. For example, some people need to drive several hours to get to a major airport hub. In addition to costs of gas and the time it takes to get there, there are also expenses for hotels, parking, food, and the like. Ultimately, the money that you could be spending on having a great time abroad is being used to just get to the airport. As a veteran traveler, I have a secret for you: fly out of your local airport!


Oftentimes, you’ll have to take extra time to get to the airport if you’re coming from out of town. This could take up to 3 or 4 or more hours depending on where you live. It is much more convenient and time efficient to just fly out of your local airport. You can hop into a taxi or have a friend or family member drop you off at the airport in no time.



A lot of money is spent in transit. You can avoid all of those extra costs by staying local. In this way, you’ll just have to pay a little bit of money to get to the airport. The great thing is that local flights to major airport hubs, which makes things very accessible.